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At the risk of making this too much like a blog, I’m going to tell you about Delta’s first campaign.

These two buffoons and I shot over 40 looks in 15 hours outside of Jackson, MS.

As I began to realize how personal this business would be to me, it was only fitting that Katherine and Macy would be the two (there are two others — shout out G, shout out Oaty) to jump in. Kath is practically my videographer and Macy would shave her head if it meant we could get good photos together. Plus, I was freshly home from months on the road and we were all eager to drink, celebrate, and annoy each other.

Throughout my process of spending time in the Mississippi Delta, I realized how unique my upbringing had been compared to that of my closest friends. I figured if I could find a way to bring them into it, I could find a way to bring y’all into it.

At the top of our call sheet for the day I wrote, “Let’s not make this something it isn’t,” so I won’t here either. These guys are my best friends. You’ll get to know their faces over the coming months and that fact makes me proud. We had the best time and I left with more than I know what to do with, in more ways than one. 

My friend, Sam Boyette, put together a video of this for me - check it out.