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I'm writing this with no angle other than the fact that this is a ridiculous story.

I've been following Curtis Flowers' case via the In The Dark podcast since it began. On one of my first journeys back to the Delta I decided to stop in Winona and take a walk around town. Admittedly, I'm positive the locals are annoyed by these visits, but nonetheless. After spotting the resale shop that used to be Tardy Furniture, I took note of the patrol cars and in I went. Of all places, THAT'S where I found the bridesmaid dress for my best friend's wedding. It was four dollars. 

 I'd been told to find something floor length and a shade of pink so it crossed my mind, but figured, "Nah, there's no way. I'll order one of those wrap dresses from Reformation." Wrinkled and found on the floor, I bought the dress in hopes of selling to what I thought needed to be a far more slender buyer than myself.

Any time I collect pieces for this shop I take them home to measure, weigh, try on for size and do some quality control.

She fit like a glove. 

After a few months of this under my belt, I'm growing more and more confident in my ability to let the things I need find me. Boy, do they. 

Photo by Erin Grimson