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Hank Burdine's Annual Blues and Greens Festival at the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, MS was one of the first weekends in the Delta that I was able to make friends of my own without having to go through the hoop-la of explaining what it is I'm doing in town. 

Self-explanatory by nature, the weekend is comprised of a greens cook-off out back (enter at your own risk), nights filled with the blues, and Bloody Marys to heal last night's wounds. 

Mostly for the locals, this festival is nothing but cool people doing cool things, having a good time. There was Libby Rae playing her saw, Andrea Staten showing up the boys, Gyasi and Ashley's newborn front row in a pair of baby pink concert headphones, Super Chikan as always, and a trip to Duncan for Bill Abel's art show.

Mark your calendars! This year's festival will be the 3rd weekend in December and vows to not disappoint. 

 Fiddlin' Ferd and Hank doing the hambone

 Me and a bunch of beards

Jimbo and Lightning

Hambone time! 

Lightnin' Malcolm