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At the end of every year comes a very special weekend at the Shack Up Inn; a weekend I've come to enjoy because of who doesn't attend. Most anyone can plan accordingly and catch RL Boyce do a 45 minute rendition, but not everyone gets the grain bin jam session or a taste test of 10+ family greens recipes. Sat right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Burdine's Blues and Greens falls on a weekend most tourists aren't planning to travel. Clarksdale is a town built on visitors, making it that much more important to plan a party or two for friends whose mailing address is actually in the Mississippi Delta. Now don't mishear me, if you show up you'll be brought in like family, just make sure whoever you bring along can keep up. 

Macy Conger and Hank Burdine 

Hannah Peay and Eleanor Hughes

Gyasi, Claire, and RL Boyce. 

Hank and Alden Burdine, Macy Conger, and Dan-the-travelin'-man 

Macy Conger and Stan Street