Q&A with COVID-19 Researcher, Katherine Wright

Posted by Claire Brandon on

What do you spend your money on?
Good products? Iced lattes? Therapy and student loans. Final answer.
Who is your dream wedding date?
Bill Hader. 
If you were an animal, what would you be?
Whatever animal would be best friends with my dog, Opie. 
What is your pet peeve?
This is one of those questions when a pet peeve is happening I'm like, "This! This is my pet peeve!" But here we are. I'll get back to you. Traffic? 
Describe your worst hair cut. 
My mom helped me snip some bangs before our 8th grade Florida field trip. The puberty and bathing suit situation were enough to want to hide. But we topped that. 
Have you ever been a part of a photoshoot before?
Yes! Some during high school and some in the past couple years. All shot with you. All shot off winding roads. 
React to this quote: "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants." - Karl Lagerfeld
Karl, cut us some slack. There's a lot of grace during this pandemic. Plus sweatpants are having a moment, right?
What is a sacrifice you're happy you made?
I mean, if we really want to go there, in my early twenties I chose to move home and pursue a life I was scared I wouldn't get or understand. We're still pursuing it. Heartaches and all, I'm in love with it all. 

What is something you romanticize doing, but probably never will?

To be a good cook. The idea of whipping something up, pouring a glass of wine. I definitely like the idea better than the act. 

What is something most people love that you don't understand?

I'm pretty sure I don't have elevated TV taste. Like Breaking Bad or Ozark? I can start those shows all day. Finishing them? That's true passion. 

Do you have a favorite vintage garment?

Scarves from my nanny's closet. 

Scale of 1-10, how much anxiety do you have about answering these questions?

Answering these questions, 1. This season of life? Humming at a 6. 

What is a concept our culture thinks is new but really isn't?

I've been thinking about this for far longer than I want to admit, but people who are gluten free - we are real.

Thank you, Katherine.