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I'm a planner by nature, but the Mississippi Delta has taught me how to rely on the good will of others to come through on your behalf. There is no greater example of this than our shoot at Travelers Hotel in Clarksdale, Mississippi. We knew what we needed, but showed up a mere hour before introducing ourselves for the first time. Within minutes we were turned loose to do whatever we pleased.

See why I love the place?

I wasn't surprised, but overjoyed to find artwork by many of my friends lining the walls:

Rory Doyle, Stan Street, Hayden Hall, Austin Britt, Jim Fiscus, and Holly Sudduth.

Travelers was developed by a revitalization non-profit, Coahoma Collective, and is run by artists in residency, "Coahoma Collective first organized in 2016 as a group of real estate developers, nonprofit professionals, artists, and architects who shared a deep commitment to catalyzing arts-driven, community-inclusive revitalization in downtown Clarksdale."

With no TV in your room and craft beers in the lobby, this home away from home is building community. It goes without saying that I highly recommend you visit. 

As you saw in the video, it was a dreary day and we lost daylight quickly. Jessie and I had already spent the morning shooting wool sweaters (of all things) on a farm so our collection was limited, but get to work, we did. 

Thank you to Eleanor for being a joy to work with  ❤️