Mary Peyton Hodges Q&A

Posted by Claire Brandon on

Scale of 1-10, how much anxiety do you have about answering these questions?

A solid 1. In recent years I’ve dedicated myself to trying to be more of an open book. The work can have its payoffs.

What is a sacrifice you’re happy you made?

I completely switched career trajectories, which felt sacrificial in ways. I went from expert to novice. From teacher to student. From money-motivated to passion motivated. It was scary, was messy, and still is… but I’m learning and am dedicated to continuing.

What do you spend your money on?

Fun socks, band merch, good books, clothes that seem challenging to style, but I know are worth the challenge. 

React to this quote: “Either you know fashion or you don’t.” - Anna Wintour

I mean… who am I to think I'm equipped to argue against Anna… but here I am.. about to argue against Anna. I just simply disagree. The reason I even care about fashion is because it can be used as such an individualistic tool for self-expression. I don't believe there should be rules or regulations or guidelines that are the end all be all. It's a complex industry and art form, yes. But it's also something that can, on a fundamental level, restore mood, confidence, and self-identification if used in a healthy way. To me, fashion should be something ultimately lived and not bought. I personally try to use it in a way that is unconcerned with status and rules, in hopes that it evokes something relational with people, not jealousy or belittlement. If fashion had a "you're in, or you're out" methodology… I don't think it'd ever evolve, I don't believe we'd be where we are today, and I certainly wouldn't have a place in its little world.  AND, stepping off my soapbox now so I don't continue to throw run-on sentences at you. I have plenty more.

Who is your dream wedding date?

Paul Rudd. Hands down. Have you seen those moves?!

What is a concept our culture thinks is new but really isn’t. 

Selfies. Vanity. 

If you were an animal, what would you be?

An owl. Wise. Scary. Cool. Can fly when desired but perches on a tree majority of the time. Most importantly-- can turn its head all the way around. It’s the little things.  

What is your pet peeve?

Self-promotion disguised as a selfless act.

Describe your worst hair cut.

Straight across bangs. Girls rock them, but I, unfortunately, am not one of those girls. I went into the salon with zero intention for such a cut and left with a covered forehead. Not sure if I was confused or sad or both, but somehow was convinced straight across bangs would fill the void. I smiled through the pain to the hairstylist but then immediately came home and CRIED TO MY MOTHER. I’m weak.

What is something you romanticize doing, but probably never will?

To be a traveling food critic. Not to be a pessimist, but in what world will that ever happen?! For now – I travel when possible and enjoy gelato where feasible. No critiquing is needed.

What is something most people love that you don’t understand?

The 1975. Someone help me because I. don’t. understand.

Do you have a favorite vintage garment?

A Yves Saint Laurent blazer passed down from my mother. The shoulder pads are high, and the wool is thick. Man, do I feel ready to conquer the world when I slip that thing on.

Have you ever been a part of a photoshoot before?

I have! Many close friends of mine are photographers, so I’ve been used for projects or shoots to simply create. I, without a doubt, always begin a shoot feeling nervous and always leave feeling confident. Not because I feel beautiful but because I learn to feel comfortable with myself as a subject and, ultimately, the final product.

Thank you, Mary Peyton