Q&A with Photographer, Jordyn Shadrach

Posted by Claire Brandon on

What do you spend your money on?

Good food, travel, big coffee table books, and clothes/pieces for my home that will last. 

Who is your dream wedding date?

I feel obligated to say my mannn, Darden Shadrach -- But in my dream, we're all living in the 40's and I'm on Bing Crosby's arm while everyone is staring. 

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Likely a dog -- they get more time with people than most animals, and people are the anchor of my heart. 

What is your pet peeve?

Cluttered homes where objects aren't used thoughtfully or functionally. 

Describe your worst haircut. 

The 7th grade side bangs I haddd to have, just like the coolest girl in dance class. 

Have you ever been part of a photoshoot before?

Many! It's my job! The best ones are full of people who have a common goal to create or communicate something special. Cohesion is important for the wellbeing of good photographs. 

React to this quote: “I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” - Sophie Kinsella

Clearly this young woman has never grappled with the hollowed nature of a sorrowful bout of depression -- and I reckon if she had, she'd understand. No fleeting piece of anything could bandaid the journey of barrenness found through depression of any kind.

For me, I feel a pinch of guilt in my gut when I purchase something "new" from any fast fashion retailer such as Zara. I know in that moment, while I've added to my closet, I've taken away from the environment's precious resources and dishonored my love for quality design. It doesn't feel good or joyful, and it damn well leads me nearer to depression than away from it. Wearing my dad's high school jersey for this Saturday's game however, makes me feel like a champ.  

What is a sacrifice you’re happy you made?

I'm glad I didn’t move far away right after college— I’d dreamed of launching my career in a bigger city than Nashville— but these years have given me countless hours with my young siblings, and my friends, and those hours have created who I am today.

What is something you romanticize doing, but probably never will.

I want to own a gallery to house young artists' work and ideas. I envision weekend events filled with conversations of art and culture, fueled with delicious wine and cocktails. Maybe one day.

What is something most people love that you don’t understand?

Adult cartoons. I can’t vibe with it. Of course, my mother never let me watch cartoons as a child, so maybe there’s the answer.

Do you have a favorite vintage garment?

Oh yeah. For years I looked for the fur coat of my dreams that would embody an old Hollywood star, and I found a gorgeous fluffy purple queen in good ole Austin, TX. I’ve worn the coat for over 2 years and it still smells like somebody’s grandmother’s attic. I like the smell—it reminds me of the piece’s intimate history.

Scale of 1-10, how much anxiety do you have about answering these questions?

3— I function off some low grade anxiety to perform and please pretty much every day. It’s something I’m working through, but speaking my opinion and sharing who I am doesn’t generally stir much anxiety. I want to be known.

What is a concept our culture thinks is new but really isn’t?

Minimalism. Lot’s of shows and books right now have found a spotlight from their encouragement of purging and organization— people are allllll about scaling down this year with the COVID cleaning frenzy. But ancient cultures, specifically in the East, have promoted the virtue of having few material possessions for centuries, and Americans think it’s trendy to “own 100 things”. Our immigrant ancestors were likely way cooler.

Thanks, Jordyn