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My name is Claire Brandon, and I’d like to take this time to re-introduce myself to followers, new and old. I haven’t run new product on this channel since December of last year for a myriad of reasons, and Delta is still forming, falling apart, and rebuilding. This business began as a research project about Mississippi, my family’s history in the state, and my inherent privilege. It is my privilege to learn and to invest in all of the above. 

From the onset, we have donated our dollars to organizations acknowledging and educating the public on the value of black lives. I am consistently dancing the line of austerity and gut belief that I have more to learn, more I can do — I have challenged myself with the storytelling and creation of screen print product that is easily digestible (I no longer believe this to be necessary) of the varied experiences of black and white bodies in Mississippi + how we co-exist. We relate to gold teeth differently, the river differently, the mud differently, floods differently, factory work differently, and so on. 

It has always been my hope to pose questions through my product, visuals, and written word - but I can do a better job of asking my customers to do their own work outright. Why are you identifying with an item? How do you feel when seeing the juxtaposition of land, shack, and plantation imagery? What are you romanticizing, characterizing, and preserving? I ask you not to stop at, “Oh that looks neat.” 

All of this to say, if you do not know me, and whether or not it is evident (if it is not, please let’s have a conversation so I can learn how to do better), this is where I am coming from. I have not always been graceful, and I will continue to mess up, but I am committed to the effort. I am thankful as a white person that I do not get what I deserve.