Posted by Claire Brandon on

Every year when the flood waters go down, a group of hooligans set out on the Mississippi River to see how she's changed. No speaker or cooler left behind, they'll camp under the stars and ignore your phone calls because this is better. 

Are they partying? Of course. It's been a while and this year was especially hard. Maybe they've found a sandbar big enough to land a plane, which they will do, or maybe it's just room enough for two. There's skinny dipping, eddies, and the kind of fossils the news channels wish they could believe in.

But the Mississippi is not to be fooled with. This tradition is on her terms, making it equal parts your average Delta adventure and very serious business. 

I'm finding that uncovering what is most natural relies on the willingness to enjoy what you find. 

The Sandbar Sipping Club does just that.