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Our first pop-up was nothing short of a dream come true for us. I say "us" because the amount of help I had in pulling this together in three weeks is astounding. Joey Young, Rory Doyle, and Stan Street's artwork played a huge role not only in filling the room with nuance and grit, but also in simply pulling people into our space. 

A few highlights from where I stood: 

  • We nearly sold out of the vintage screen print pieces (!!!)
  • My previous boss flew all the way from New York to support 
  • The A/C broke the day of, hence the fan...
  • Mason Mercer's interactive display idea for the dressing room was a total crowd pleaser
  • Meeting the fellow artists showing in the nearby gallery was an overall a joy 
  • Showing my own prints and previewing the new campaign for both new and old friends was a thrill 

Thank you to those that could attend and those that sent their support from afar. I absolutely wouldn't be here without that combination and, quite frankly, it's overwhelming. Here are a few polaroids from the night of 💥Here's to hoping we get to do it all again! 


A portion of Joey Young/Lambfish Art's work

 Yours truly in the dressing room in front of my film prints

 Mason's infamous interactive video display

The aforementioned, best boss I've ever had fresh off a plane from New York for the night 😭

 Katherine giving me the look of fatigue after a long 48 hours of set up, knowing tear down is coming

Amy being as pumped as I am to have Catie Marie Martin's work in our zine