Bury It - Long Sleeve II (XXXL)


Printed on vintage garments, our second round of "Bury It" pieces offers a proactive way to represent the Delta. The apparel industry creates more waste than we realize and repurposing clothing is one of a few ways we can take this into our own hands. 

Our "Bury It In The Mud" screen print collection began as a sketch drawn in my New York apartment two years ago. Enchanted by gold teeth since I can remember, it has been amazing to see the idea continue to show itself since moving down South. 

Mississippi mud has buried good and evil. It's infamous in its own right and there's confusion of its richness. These images were taken outside of Rolling Fork on backwater from this year's flood and that, for one, is a clue.  

Whether it's gold teeth or sins, it's been buried in the Mississippi mud. 

Size XXXLarge 

100% Cotton 

Machine wash

*Note there is an ink stain on the left chest, but we like it that way

Printed in Nashville, Tennessee

Bury It - Long Sleeve II (XXXL)

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