One-of-a-kind vintage for women with good taste and an open mind 🌙
Delta Vintage is an apparel company built to explore, represent and support a region that is both bad ass and written off. It is with a belief that change is slow and relational, and that I owe the people of Mississippi a validated experience by better understanding my own.
After many years in New York City working for Harper’s BAZAAR and fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Under Armour, and Tommy Hilfiger, I began Delta on Instagram in 2017 as a lifeline to my family, our relationship to the Mississippi Delta, and my own ability to have a creative idea.
Through the sale of women’s ready-to-wear apparel, Delta Vintage goes against retailers duplicating original pieces at five times the price (ahem, Free People) and offers women a sustainable shopping option to those who prefer a masculine edge in a land of tailgating rompers.
I grew up spending summers in the Delta and am devoted to its success. Delta Vintage and its customers feel a deep connection to the region. We know there is more here than meets the eye and we are fully vested in bringing it forward. By being here, you are investing in the same.