Not New is a statement in reaction to the fashion industry not taking its own advice. 

The designers in our feeds make their money because they already know how we’re going to spend our own. They produce hundreds of new items each season, have markdown outlet malls pushing even cheaper products, and burn unsold clothes, despite believing in the necessity of only a few pieces and a good tailor.

Not New is a capsule collection of vintage clothing made for people who don't buy "best sellers." We've brought new life into existing garments that editors tell you to buy new.  It’s not overly minimalist or overly maximalist. It’s colorful and bold, notifying everyone that you’re in on the joke. Each piece is vintage with a flawless fit and shipped using recyclable materials. 

Shop Vintage, Not New. 



Claire Brandon began Delta Vintage in 2017 from her Brooklyn apartment as a lifeline to her family in America’s deep South. 

After years in New York City working for Harper’s BAZAAR and fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Under Armour, and Tommy Hilfiger, she returned home to Nashville as a freelance stylist and marketer while splitting time in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

In her emerging fashion line, Not New, Claire questions the apparel industry’s ability to sell newness, despite tastemakers' underlying belief in "vintage and original" reigning supreme.

Through the sale of original ready-to-wear apparel rather than duplicated garments, Delta Vintage rebels against retailers by offering a truly sustainable shopping option.

“I grew up spending summers in the Mississippi Delta and am devoted to its success. My experience in the region has been rich and I remain proud to have built a brand with ties to such legendary resilience. The best things in life are Not New.”